A simple way to release and enjoy the equity in your property

Whenever you decide the time is right to resell your property, our in-house Varna resales team at SIPA, will handle it for you. Expertly managing the selling and buying, a dedicated team manage the whole negotiation, including: advising on price, handling the contract and transferring the registration documents.

If you are interested in purchasing a property, the SIPA team will be able advise you on the payment plan that you will take over from the original purchaser. Alternatively the team can advise you of a settlement amount.

Select the right way to Rent your property

SIPA's rental management service strives to provide our customers with the best possible rental income and the right tenants. Working with our strategic partner, ‘Exclusive’, who we carefully selected for their knowledge and expertise of the rental markets within their region, our customers can be confident that the whole process is fully managed, including:

    • Selecting suitable tenants
    • Agreeing rental charges
    • Obtaining security deposits

    • Issuing contracts
    • Regular property inspections
    • Internal maintenance and repairs